Neil Thomas

The Home Games and Away Games will all be coded C for “competitive”.

Index to Handicap for White Tees   Conversion Chart for La Mirada White Tees

“After each home tournament, the score cards are checked for the following:
1. Are the cards signed by the scorer and attested? Almost 100% of the cards do have the correct signatures; however, there are still a number of cards that have other errors.
2. Was the correct adjusted score posted? Remember, a golfer is only allowed to take so many strokes on a given hole depending upon their handicap. You must post the adjusted score in the GHIN system.
3. Was score posted as “Competitive”? A significant number of golfers are still posting their scores as “H” instead of “C”.
4. Was the correct handicap used? When you sign in, check the report that Dennis provides to ensure you are using the correct handicap or check the report on the bulletin board.
5. Scores in the net 60’s are re-added to ensure there are no arithmetic errors.
Posting scores using the pro shop computer:
1. Touch “club member score posting”
2. Enter GHIN number or do name lookup – touch “next”
3. White tees – touch “next”
4. Enter Adj Gross Front/Back, Total or Actual hole-by-hole – touch “next”
     Hole-by-hole will automatically do Adjustment for max score per hole
5. Touch “score type”
6. Touch “C” – touch “return to confirmation page”
7. Make sure “score type” shows “Competitive” – touch “post score”   CONGRATULATIONS – you have posted successfully


Ideas to speed up your game.

1. On par three’s let group behind you hit up if they are  ready.

2. Put your head cover on as you go to the next hole.

3. Clean your clubs while waiting to hit.

4. Write down the score at the next hole if someone is waiting to hit up.

5. Play ready golf, no honors.

6. Park your cart after you pass the pin, so you are walking away from the hole after puttinh

7.  Get off the green as soon as you are finished.

8. If two or more of you are finished putting and the next tee is open go Tee off.

9. If you’re not going to hit the group in front of you “hit  the ball”.

10. Be ready to hit. Take all the practice swings you want if  you are waiting on the group in front of you. If the group behind you is waiting for you, take one practice swing and “ hit the ball”.

11. Split up. Have your partner drop you off and come back and get you unless you have to keep your eye on your partner’s ball.

12. Don’t talk on your cell phone if someone is waiting on  you.

13. Wave up on hole #9.

14. Don’t keep your ball marker in your pants pocket with your tees, car keys and loose change. Keep it where it is readily available.

15. If you are not away be lining up your putt before it is your turn.

16. Rake the trap for your partner if he is getting behind.

17. If three members of your foursome are already on the green and it’s obvious that the fourth member is going to spend some time getting on the green start putting until he is ready to make his approach shot.

18. Know where your group is in relations to the group in front of you

19. Get your yardage and be ready to play before it is your turn to play.

20. If someone isn’t quite ready to play, another player should play before them.

21. When any shot heads toward the rough, a water hazard or trees, all players should watch closely as to where the ball lands.

22. Recognize when someone will need the flagstick attended or your ball marked.

23. If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, play a Provisional Ball (Rule 27-2).  If lost or OB without a provisional, use new rule to drop on fairway with two stroke penalty.  You are not allowed to go back and re-hit.  

24. Don’t talk or move around while someone is playing a stroke
25. Be Ready when it’s your turn.
26. Make sure everyone in your group is safely out of your way when you hit.